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If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going…

07/13/2016   |   No Comments »

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Lewis Carroll




How trying can beat winning

07/07/2016   |   No Comments »

How trying can beat winning

How trying can beat winning - Fish Jumping from small bowl to big bowl

How trying can beat winning

Some things you absolutely have to get right.

But more often, waiting to start until you are sure you can win will slow down your progress.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. This humor from the past tells only part of the story. Sometimes the only way you can reach a really important goal is to take a running start at it, give it all you’ve got and try again after you’ve failed.

Experience is far more than a consolation prize. Just as a snowball gains power as it rolls downhill, experience and resilience accumulate. Combined, a series of failed attempts can make you more valuable than a single win; especially if your attempts build on each other.

Try, experiment, and broaden your understanding of how things work. Take smart chances. Feelings of failure have no power over you, and your life will stay in perspective if you follow also use this philosophy:

Look at everything you attempt as a rehearsal for the attempts that will follow.

A Ego Lost Can Be A Good Thing :o)

06/16/2016   |   No Comments »

A ego lost can be a good thing :o)

Palm Springs tram to San Jacinto peak (11 miles + 2,300’ gain, all above 8,500 feet)

San Jacinto Tram

Palm Springs Tram – Photo by Don Graham Flickr

When I hike I don’t stop to pick any buttercups. Hiking up I don’t get passed very often. I was really surprised when two charming young girls caught me. I usually hike alone so having companions would have been fun. But the taller gal, the frequent marathoner, motored away right away. Dutifully; the young gal stayed with me for a mile before sprinting to the peak.

On the summit we shared the view and chatted a few minutes; but then it was TIME! Running down I less often get passed. To reduce the chance, I bolted while the ladies were fussing with their gear.

Halfway down the hill I was still fresh and making really good time but I hadn’t seen a person or a sign in thirty minutes and the trail had flattened out then disappeared. A trail in the forest is not hard to follow if you’ve already hiked it, but not if you are going the opposite way and you didn’t take the time to look back or read the signs. When I tried to retrace my steps I saw many trails, most of which I tried; some twice. None were helpful. My orientation was completely scrambled.

An overnight stay was looming large. An hour later the shadows were shouting, “This is feeding time for cougars.” I wondered if the one who got me would consider me special or just food. And what would he or she do with my new state-of-the-art cell phone and running shoes, or the T-shirt and shorts I would otherwise need for warmth during the night. MORE »

Tip – A Small Brain Work on Important Things

06/04/2016   |   No Comments »


A small brain working on important things will accomplish MORE than a big brain working on things that are not important.

Tip – Don’t Be Fooled by the Packaging

06/04/2016   |   No Comments »

Dont Be Blindsided by the PackagingDon’t get blind-sided by the packaging,

There will be serious surprises.

Take your time – Do your homework.