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04/26/2016   |   No Comments »

Pregnant Mom with Daughter



Mothers are a special lot

there’s nothing mine wouldn’t do.

She’d give her life without a thought

of what it’d put her through.

No sacrifice is ever too great

no group of them too many.

When a mom sees a need

she gives; and gives up plenty.

Paltry was the thanks she got

that never slows her down

She stood and she deliver

when no progress can be found.

My world is quite together now

her lessons did come back.

I’m healthy and I know it.

I’ve got my life on track.

Her plan for me is working

and she is living on

in what I say and do

to those I happen on.

Her essence is all over me

her influence profound;

I’ll will share the love she gave

as long as I’m around.

© David A. Dunn 2009


Your Car is a Window Into Where You Are Going?

04/16/2015   |   No Comments »

Your Car is a Window into Where You are Going

Three Cars

What Kind of Car Are You

Our emotions play a huge part in everything we buy. The objects we buy are icons for the feelings we expect to get from have them. Our cars can feed our egos, entertain us, reward us and help us in everything we do. While they tell others what we would like them to assume about us we also use them to tell ourselves how we are doing.

Even those who shun self-analysis can have fun analyzing themselves through the cars they drive, notice or wish they had. How well have your cars aligned with where your life was while you had them. The purchase of a new or different car often signals your entry into a new chapter in your life.

  • Of the cars you’ve owned or driven a lot, what car was the most “YOU” or least “YOU” at the time?
  • Which car best describes the way you perceived yourself on the way to where you are?
  • What kind of car would your friends say you were most like?
  • What car would they say you are most like now?
  • Which of your cars would you most like to own today?
  • Which of the cars you’ve owned holds the most sentimental value to you?

Go Out Giving

02/11/2015   |   2 Comments

Football Players Tackling

Going Out Giving

Thoughts for loved-ones near death.  We are always near death.

A class of 25 male prisoners spent an hour talking about the lives of well knows celebrities. Near the end the seminar they were asked who’s report card they would you rather turn in, their own or that of any other person. Two chose Mother Teresa, who had not been mentioned in the earlier discussion. One made a joke. Even though the lives of the others were messes they chose to face judgment with their own souls.

We are always risking our soul. Those who get some kind of warning get one or two more play. What play would you call?

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Visualize Fitness

02/09/2015   |   2 Comments


Visualize Fitness

The parts of us that appear on charts of bodies are things like bone, muscle, organs and skin.

Wouldn’t you assume that the maintenance and repair cells would attend to mapped parts of the body before they’d attend to unmapped areas known as fat?

If you were a new cell wouldn’t you prefer to attach yourself to surfaces that is firm, pristine and on the plan? Wouldn’t you also try to avoid living among the cells that weren’t?

Cells that are not on the plan have trouble getting help when they need it. Some cancers have an easier time get started among them.

Bodies that do strenuous work cleanse themselves, keeping their veins open, shed marginal cells, and thank us with endorphins that keep us proud, happy and motivated to stay fit. What a phenomenal deal!

Closeness Guaranteed

02/04/2015   |   2 Comments

Couple Sitting Together Watch Sunset

Closeness Gauranteed

The affection that comes from making up far exceeds anything you can gain by clinging to your point, resentment, hurt, or receiving the apology you need desperately for your bruised ego.

Case Study

Sally had been upset with Hal for a long time. When she finally unloaded on him she cut him down verbally. It was obvious that her words were chosen to hurt him and they dishonored all of his good qualities. He admitted to himself that there was truth in her complaints. He knew he could improve the problem areas and actually looked forward to working on them with her, but he was hurt and needed an apology. Time went by, the he apology never came and they got on with lives.

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