About The Author David Dunn

-“Knowing how profoundly these ideas can change lives” he says, “how can I rest”?

David Dunn, author of Get Life Right

“Get Life Right” Author David Dunn


By the time he was twenty Dave had only read 5 books that had not been required in school.  But he picked the right ones, all dealing with life strategies. They helped him manage his career, retire early and live a life of adventure, security, and closeness in spite of his dyslexia and memory limitations. He learned, as you will, that handled properly our deficits can make massive contributions to our success. 

David Dunn bikingHe grew up in San Diego and has lived in  Phoenix, Denver, Bay Area, Chicago and Orange County. He traveled extensively finding locations for business and having buildings built for many of them.

As soon as he retired he started teaching the lessons that had served him so well. To them he added the insights of hundreds of leading self-help authors and psychologists.  When he saw how dramatically these ideas could change lives he had to write a book.

For fun, he hangs with his 5 grandkids, landscapes and is now taking up swing, boogie dancing and tap.  He hikes and bikes  and has dirt biked in many challenging places around the world.

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