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Placing cards is a joy and a rush!


Leaving free download cards in public place is like putting books in bottles and throwing them into the ocean; letting fate decide who gets them.


This book contains the sweet spot of wisdom on almost all of the most essential aspects of life.  It has short topics, big type and no ads, shoulds or religion. You read the parts you need when you need them.


Anyone who uses the link can download this book for free and share the link with their friends, loved ones and strangers. And each of them can do the same.

Book and Card Shop

Book and Card Shop

Ideas for placing cards – all relatives and out-going mail – on the counter where you wait to order coffee – any kind of mass transit – waiting rooms of all kinds everywhere – reading carts and lending libraries – military bases – checking out at your grocery store.


You can order tablets of cards (they’re free) and have them shipped (that’s free too) directly to you in a pack of four by filling out the form below:




You can also use the following link to download and print the cards:

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