Place it forward

This book isn’t for a shelf or a drawer
it can make your self-worth soar.

How to make the most of now
Show you where to go and how.

Daemons out and thrust galore,
Plan a Future with so much more

You’re enough to do a great things
Make your mark and impressings.

Use this book to change your fate
Then help others; don’t hesitate.

Put a copy where one can find-it
Hope they know that God’s behind-it.


Poem Place

Begging You to Play

I have a child inside me, and I know that you do too
For you to do your best in life . . . it must be able to
Run and jump and climb and explore
To play . . . . and open every door.

The part of You you take to heaven, is not what you can do
It isn’t what you have . . . . . or what you grew up to.
It’s your “Child” silly . . .  It will not go away
Even if it’s stepped on, it’s wanting you to play.

So while you’re feeling bad, and moping all around
Your child is waiting at the door and hoping you are found.
You’re wasting time, I warn you, life’s reeling off the spool.
Find your Child and play right now, or you are just a fool.

© Copyright  2-3-2007 Dave Dunn


If God expected excellence, He completely missed the boat
That isn’t how he wired me; my performance is a joke.

Struggling is my specialty, my skills they just aren’t there;
I cannot finish anything, I haven’t got a prayer.

What I’m “not” is really God who’s present in my lacking,
An opportunity for you to give; I hope He likes my acting.

© Copyright Dave Dunn 2004


We don’t try to make it look like we are rolling in the dough.
We only do our best . . . and some may think it so.
We play the game that others play and must be doing it well
Our phone is ringing off the hook . . .  as invitations tell
Our hair and nails have just been done; our cars are all the latest
Our house is beyond Martha, and our view . . well it’s the greatest.

Our kids have lettered every sport their scholarships will show
Our insurance keeps us free from every hazard that we know.
Slapping backs, pumping hands, and praising all the guests,
Golfing, boating, and skiing, with the people who are best.
None of this comes easy; we give it all we’ve got.
Our blessings mean so much to us; we tell God “Thanks a Lot”.

Commitment is important so when Easter comes along
We go to church and read along with the normally absent throng.
Good Will gets our castoffs; we’re nice in thought and deed
When silent auctions come along we just bid on what we need.
Our friends all think so much of us, I know that God has found
We’re using what He gave us to turn this world around.

 © Copyright 2-11-03 Dave Dunn

 Goodnight Promise

 Another day is in the bag
And I’m just checking in?
MyStuff got handled right up front
But things keep pressing-in.

I’ve been running hard and sweating
No, I’ve not been kicking back
Must you try to give me
Those open-ended tasks.

Those people who are needy
They seem so far off-track?
I moved in the suburbs,
Where we don’t look at that.

I’m overdrawn, the kids are calling
And everything is urgent.
Oh, thank you for reminding me
I’ve got to get detergent.

Don’t worry Lord I love you
Tomorrow I’ll try again.
To take a stab at your stuff
If I can fit it in.

 © Copyright 3-18-2008 David Dunn
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