Place it ForwardCommit random acts of kindness and change lives. The proceeds of book sales are used to get books in front of people who haven’t been thinking about or know where to get the help they need.

To those who buy a book here we give a second book free with the understanding that they give the free one away; ideally in a public place where strangers can read it. The hope is that some of those who sample the free books will buy their own and then place their free copy in another public place. Order at

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If you work, volunteer or frequent public places where there are large numbers of people with time on their hands that can read some of the Topics in Get Life Right, you may become an ongoing placer and qualify for books in quantity.

Ideas for placement:

  • any kind of mass transit.
  • a medical practice
  • a hospital for waiting rooms, reading carts and Gift Shops.
  • physical therapist for people stuck in rehabilitation facilities
  • military hospitals.

Service organizations can get book deals if they can show that those they help are likely to read and benefit from the books or are already demonstrating the will to improve their lives. Groups could include those who are confined, disadvantaged, dependent, suffering from PTSD, their families, etc. Tell us about your organization, and learn or share your thoughts on the most productive places to place books at

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Employers – These books are ideal thank yous for outstanding employees.




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