Skillful Thoughts

Series B – Plan a Really Exciting Life

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Underlined thoughts diminish you – Thoughts with dots empower you

B-1 • Choosing & Using Goal

I’m not good at writing.

  • A simple Plan is better than none.

  • I can start it this very moment

  • I’ll list whatever I want like a shopping list and make it better as go.

  • Writing my goals would cause me to think about how they fit together.

  • Old pilots file flight plans; those that don’t never get old.

Goals make me anxious

  • I will concentrate on the rewards and not the work.

  • A goal is a target not a demand

  • The right goals will motivate me.

  • Larger or more important goals will motivate me more.

B-2 • Gain Motivation with Visualization

A written Plan would be too hard to keep updated.

  • That is true if my life isn’t worth it.

  • It’s easy to keep up; you just ad or change things on your list when you feel like it.

  • Big goals are nothing more than a collection of smaller ones.

  • Becoming a better writer would be a good goal.

  • Having computer skills would make it easier for me to keep my Plan updated.

  • Ad to my list of goals to “Develop my computer skills” as soon as possible.

B-3 • Personal Goals

What are personal goals?

  • Knowing what is important to me

  • Knowing the qualities I want to have.

  • Knowing what is right and wrong.

  • Knowing how I want to be as a personAppreciating everything

  • Being an exceptional spouse and parent

  • To be a force for good in the world.

B-4 • Long-Term Goals

Having goals will put another layer of responsibility on me and I’m already trying as hard as I can.

  • Goals aren’t for pressure; they are for direction.

  • All I can keep in mind is the big picture; my plan will keep important details in place so I deal with them in the right order.

  • Goals keep me from missing the important things of life

  • Goals reduce wasted effort and dead ends

  • I could die anytime; would I be ready if I were taken tomorrow?

  • As I write them I will see ways I can improve them.

  • A written plan will act like a compass I can look at often.

I’ll think about goals when I am older.

  • Walking a straight line, if I’m off by one degree, by the end of a mile I will miss my target by 100 feet. Goals aim our energies more accurately.

Thinking long-term makes work out of living.

  • What will make me work harder than missing important goals?

  • Living day to day would be risky and cause me constant anxiety.

  • By making everything I do produce something of lasting value, my wealth will grow faster.

  • Once my accumulation of assets get big enough they will help to support me protect me, give me options and continue to grow.

B-5 • Intermediate Goals

I can barely keep my head above water why torment myself with middle goals?

  • My middle goals can keep me motivated.

  • They will keep me from missing some of my long term goals.

  • If my wife and I can use our vacations to check out places we may want to live eventually.

B-6 • Bring on the Spice

Spice costs money and I have none.

  • Spice is what makes life fun and it does not have to be expensive.

  • Spice is an attitude of adventure.

  • Without spice life is more of a sentence.

  • Spice is refreshing and becomes e raw material for creativity

  • Until I can afford expensive variety, I can stay entertained by the way I use my time.

B-7 • The Engine of Your Future (My To-do list)

What engine? The best I can to is to plug along.

  • All progress is plugging along.

  • I will minimize nonproductive tasks to free up time for the things that produce the most important long term benefits.

  • Concentrating on the next most important goals I can make all my small steps add up to something very important.

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