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The Joy of Connecting with our Inner Friend.

Woman Admiring Sunset New Best Friend

Resolutions give us pressure and guilt which take up part of our attention and creativity. We can accomplish so much more by asking ourselves “How good am I using my ability to think?

If we looked at thinking as if it’s a competition we’d all make better use of our opportunities.

Sometimes we can come up with clever thoughts but lots of us, including those who review their performance in life continuously, can allow our lives to be ordinary.

The right look at our potential can increase our appreciation for who we are. It can increase in our endorphins, self-satisfaction an make our prospects seem brighter.

All of a sudden switching from familiar thoughts to intriguing thoughts, finding more stimulated associations, plan better vacations and developing closer bonds with those who are important to us all seem so much easier.

So how do we do it? Surprisingly; the mother of changes requires the least effort and produces the most pleasure; it’s the decision to think better in all things. That alone opens our mind to more possibilities and accumulating wisdom.

And how can we get started. I recommend a place in our mind I call our Fort. It’s where we count our blessing, shed our anxieties and distractions and let our brains play. It makes us feel new, frisky and full of life. When we talk to our mind in this playful way it’s like finding a new best friend who can make us feel cared for, energetic and light hearted in all that we do.

Without finding our inner friend how can we ever know how good our life could have been?

Shed Anxiety and Boost Creativity in Your Fort – Series A-7 in Get Life Right

Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn