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Not the best way to resolve common relationship issues Not the best way to resolve common relationship issues

About HIS WORK.  It makes you anxious and annoyed when your husband asks you for your ideas and opinions regarding his work. You usually don’t have any, and so you assume he will think less of you.

The Reality – If he’s asking you for your thoughts he must assume you have good ideas and judgments. Brainstorming may be his form of chatting.

He’s so stubborn.  She’s so sensitive.  She was convinced he wouldn’t change and he was convinced she would take everything he said wrong.

The Reality – Neither of them ever gave the other any reasons to think differently. Remind your mate frequently, and in many ways as you can, that you will gladly change and your relationship is more important to you than any issue.

He’s a workaholic.

The Reality – He will make time needed to enjoy activities with you, but not enough time to plan or organize them with others.  Change your resentment to affection and take charge by planning events you’ll both like. Most mates would rather do something they don’t want to do than be around an unhappy person.

Dave Dunn

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