Winning with You-the-TWO

Straight Flush Straight Flush

In the card game of life, if you see yourself as a Two when you long to be a face card or an Ace it will distract you. You’ll miss opportunities to complete Straight Flushes and winning hands for others.

Like Navy Seals; when God is assigning roles He gives His most difficult tasks to his Twos; the group He trusts the most. He knows that Twos will have to go through difficult training and hardships to be able to give the help that only they can give.

You are exactly what God needs you to be. So stay close and look for ways you can save the day for others by being the way you are. God asked his Son to live as a Two so you’ll be in good company!

Iris Joy

Every five years for 50 years, a Harvard study examined the lives of 824 participants, the majority of whom were well off. The researchers concluded that even though Iris Joy, one of the participants, had never lived above the poverty level, she had done the best job with her life. She was thoughtful, spiritual and caring. She chose the right spouse, learned constantly, stayed fit and helped everyone she could. The committee in charge felt that the balance she had crafted with the ingredients of her life produced the most pleasing result. From the Introduction of Get Life Right.

Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn