Choosing a Career Path

Your security isn’t found in the company you work for, but in what you know and can do.

Finding the Most Satisfying Work
To reduce the pressure on you and to get the most out of every interview, treat each one as a rehearsal for the one that follows.

Marketing Yourself


  • Learn to use the computer.
  • Search the Internet for companies that interest you.
  • Read industry publications to learn about the competitors, trends and outlook for the industry that interests you.
  • Discover which companies will train you best.
  • Look for companies that are new, advertising, growing or in the news.
  • Look into new industries where new jobs are being created.
  • Learn about nearby businesses.
  • Get a better job at your current workplace.
  • Go to work for companies that buy from, supply or compete with the company you work for now.
  • Search the Internet on sites like Google Job Search, Monster Jobs, Yahoo Hot Jobs and the Employment Development Department (EDD) job bank.
Applying for Work

Try to get a job that will allow you to work in your most productive way. Some people do best in groups, some alone, some with an audience, some with interruptions, some with noise or in confusion, some at another’s pace, some in the morning or in the evening and some where they aren’t being compared directly to other employees. Figure out how you work best, and find a job where those conditions exist.

Positioning Yourself in the World

Often the ability to do something well is not as important as where you do what you can do.

A janitor who works in a train station is less likely to get a shot at job with potential than if he works for a growth company like Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

Crafting Abundace

The more resources we have at our disposal, the more we can accomplish with our capabilities. The more capable we are, the easier it is to accumulate wealth in all forms.

Our wealth is far more than our monetary assets such as money and possessions. It also includes our knowledge, capabilities, explanations, relationships, ethics, advantages and experiences.

Risk and Persistance

What we fear doing or learning most is often a good indicator of what would be the most beneficial for us. When in the presence of a girl we feel is beyond our reach, we often get tongue tied.

Our fear of the unknown is holding us back. When we shy away from the things we fear, our growth stops in that direction. When we go toward the unknown, as if it is a source of knowledge, growth, adventure and joy, we become more capable and self-assured.

Living Rent Free

Home Buying is the simplest way to save and accumulate wealth. There are risks in owning real estate, but the risks of not owning can be far greater for many people.
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The Joy of Compounding

The Difference between saving $2000 a year starting at age 20 versus age 50 is almost half a million dollars by the time they turn 70. Learn how investing early can make you wealthy with little additional effort.
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Wealth & Ownership
When your financial security is a priority to you, you make better decisions about how you will earn, learn, spend, take risks, and live. And as the assets you accumulate grow in value, they increase your security, options and freedom. Learn the easiest and quickest ways to accumulate wealth.
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Surfing for Dollars

There are forces that roll through the economy like waves. They have far more power to make you wealthy than you have yourself, if you can learn how to surf them.
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Stocks & Bonds Basics

Spending money on today’s purchases will make you feel good at the moment, but if you invest those same dollars and let them compound, they could make you feel good for the rest of your life.
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