Benefit From Your Underused Blessings

Spence is cold most of the time. He won’t go into a grocery store without a jacket.  It has limited his involvement in snow and water sports. Until he discovered a new way to think about it, it was a source of great annoyance.  Now it’s his reminder to send warm things to people sleeping in the open. His coldness has become a source of self-esteem.

You can turn just about all the things you don’t like about yourself into assets by finding ways to use them to your advantage. With a little imagination and a few adjustments, some of them can become as important to you as the things you could have been bragging about.

Perceiving a limitation takes away from you. The same trait, perceived as an under-used blessing, will add to you. It also suggests there are more benefits if you look for ways to take advantage of them.



It is cold right now.

A blanket and a tarp is a home for a person living on the ground. 

Last year Spence paid $22.50 for a Coleman 30 degree bag with Amazon Prime with free shipping; a great deal. On Black Friday of this year, he did even better; only $15.96.  He had 60 of them delivered to two homeless shelters the next day.    

Used articles are good but require a trip to deliver. In various sizes, he also sent: socks, underwear, hand towels (not white), and other consumables like shaving gear, toothpaste, and women’s necessities. Jackets, tarps, and big, strong bags with straps are also indispensable. Think easily transportable.  

If you order something, have the address of the shelter you want to support handy. Your confirmation can be your tax receipt.  



Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn