Begging You To Play

Begging You to Play

I have a child inside me, and I know that you do too
For you to do your best in life . . . it must be able to
Run and jump and climb and explore
To play . . . . and open every door.

The part of You you take to heaven, is not what you can do
It isn’t what you have . . . . . or what you grew up to.
It’s your “Child” silly . . .  It will not go away
Even if it’s stepped on, it’s wanting you to play.

So while you’re feeling bad, and moping all around
Your child is waiting at the door and hoping you are found.
You’re wasting time, I warn you, life’s reeling off the spool.
Find your Child and play right now, or you are just a fool.

Copyright Dave Dunn 2-3-2007

Dave Dunn

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