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The Blessings in our Deficits

Blessings Blessings

Our deficits cause us to start out slowly, allowing others to get ahead and set us up for emotional beatings. They can cause us to hide from life. If we don’t take them personally and deal with them just as constraints we have to deal with, we can convert them into assets. Use these work-a-rounds:

  • Keep life simple
  • Do fewer things
  • Keep organized
  • Allow more time to complete your work
  • Never express dissatisfaction with yourself
  • Pick goals you that will motivate you highly

Here are some helpful understandings:

  • A small brain working on the right things can do more good than the best brain that isn’t.
  • By making better use of the brain you have, you can out-perform those with much bigger brains who are not
  • If your objective in life is to thank God for your turn at bat by using the talents you have been given to help others, working around what you can’t do steers you toward the work God wants you to do.
  • The skills you lack in one area can create blessings in others and develop your compensating skills more fully.
  • Learning to cope teaches you empathy…a critical skill for helping others.
  • Your ability to listen is a cherished gift to those who need to talk.
Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn