Braking Habits the Easy Way

In a very enjoyable way the video link below shows how the qualities of patients, persistence and openness help us learn new things how locked into place our thinking gets over time.

The video shows a bike with handle bars that cause it to turn right when they are turned to the left and visa-versa. To begin with not even the very best riders can ride the Opposite bike 3 feet. Working for 15 minutes every day, it took a very capable adult rider  to ride the Opposite bike 40 feet. His son, who had only been riding a bike for 6 months learned to ride it in two weeks.

Younger people can learn quicker than adults, not because their memory is better, but because:

  • they are not impatient with themselves or embarrassed when they aren’t getting it.
  • they look at the change as a fun entertaining challenge.
  • they are not distracted by as many competing thoughts
  • they are not as possessive of the knowledge they already have.

The “Default Thinking” for many humans is to defend what we already think and resist new thoughts or ways to do things. It doesn’t require any effort to think this way. It does deny such a person the advancements they would have received if they had been more willing to change.

Every time we feel that we have won a point or argument our pride gets a boost. Over time people consider their victories permission to press for more wins. Even when we tell ourselves we shouldn’t try to win all the time, the “Shoulds” we tell ourselves are no match for our egos.


People who relying on their Default Thinking rarely get close to their potential. People who are mentally flexible, cherish new knowledge and are looking for ways to better themselves have a much better chance of doing so. People seem to think that these skills would be hard to cultivate, but it just takes a few knacks. Once you make a conscious decision to acquire them our skills grow quickly.

To break the strongest habits visualize the outcome you want, make some progress toward it constantly no matter how small and celebrate each advancement. Overlook your lapses, trust your vision and one day you’ll master the Opposite bike you are trying to ride.

The place where these changes make the most difference is in our relationships. Openness promotes cooperation and closeness; the need to appear right causes distance.

We can always get our way. All we have to do is let the
other person’s way become our way. Byron Katie

Life is short. Loosen up and Crank up your curiosity and enjoy.

Dave Dunn

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