Hands Raised to Shining Sun


In the samples below the first statement is a common idea that is self-limiting.  It is followed by possibilities (indicated with a >) that are more likely to lead us to better outcomes.

I have used my best thinking to get where I am; this must be my potential.

> With better ideas and less effort I could have accomplished a lot more.

> With better ideas and no more effort, my life can be bigger and better.

Just surviving takes all of my energy.

> I can accomplish more with my mind than I can with body. To make that happen, I am reading Get Life Right.

I’ll worry about my potential once I can pay my bills.

> I will try to think smarter now rather than wait until my life to get better.

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Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn