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Go Out Giving

If you devote your last moments to the things of this world which have distracted you from giving your creator the attention He deserves, the clock may run out before you get off the play that could win the game. Concentrate on getting the ball into the end zone.


Even if you can hardly speak you can make contributions; ask:

  • What can I reveal?
  • What can I still do?
  • What fence can I mend?
  • What encouragement can I give?
  • What caregiver can I thank or praise?
  • Who can I urge closer to God?
  • How can I thank Jesus for my salvation?
  • How can I set an example with my choices?

Something you can say could influence another person’s life; maybe even save their soul? What if saving that particular soul was the main reason you were sent to earth and you missed your assignment while you were complaining about the food or the service?
You can take the angst out of dying if being ready has been a priority to you. It takes less energy than you think, and it will give you a constant stream of self-esteem. All you do is to treat God as your own best friend and:

  • Staying close and strive to know Him
  • Asking for His guidance
  • Following it
  • Thank Him for your existence
  • Teach yourself how to think better
  • Use your gifts to help others

What we accomplish is not as important as the attention effort and reason we put into our choices. If we have pursued God early and lived accordingly God will be looking forward to seeing us. But even if we have had a difficult life or been difficult, none of us really know how we’ll be judged or how God has used us. Love God back, use the GO out-Giving play, thank Him profusely and hope he grades on the curve.

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Dave Dunn

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