Stormy Beautiful Clouds

The Goal of a Lifetime


Stormy Beautiful Clouds Goal of a Life Time

From the Plan for life you think up as a teenager, every time you approach what you think will be the limit of your skills, plan or opportunities, they will grew ahead of you like the horizon.


If you pay attention, your life will follow your Plan. To make it happen with the greatest ease, make your plan bigger, more specific and keep it up to date.


Your long range plans are the most important. They are not to pressure you to accomplish more but to give you direction and motivation. Achieving them gives you happiness, contentment and moments to celebrate. They improve your life daily so accomplishing them is not essential.


For your primary goal, how about “Get to Heaven”? All it takes to secure your accommodations there is to believe in God and live accordingly. Do that and you will get his coaching on priorities, decisions, worries, troubles, temptations, mishaps and misjudgments free of charge.


It’s a good goal to build your life around.


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Dave Dunn

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