Making Good Decisions Quicker

Stick Man Scratching His Head Decisions…Decisions

I wanted to write this blog but then I wasn’t sure; what do you think? Should I do more research? Is it too short? It probably needs a snappier title? If I write it; should I just come right out and say I can’t make up my mind?

When it comes to making decisions, why do I always seem to be stepping on the gas and the brake at the same time? It makes me so anxious.

On some level, even when it seems to be laziness, it is almost always fear or self-inflicted pressure. Lighten up on yourself, then try to understand the causes of your indecision. The most common ones are:

  • We don’t have enough or the right kind of information
  • A good decision will require research that we don’t want to have to do
  • The subject or the decision will be unpopular
  • People will realize that we are not very smart
  • The decision will make me responsible for more than I feel capable of handling
  • Any decision I make can be judged or criticized
  • The people involved are unpredictable and opinionated
  • The magnitude of the decision is so great…like a marriage
  • Previously, you have made other poor decisions in this area
  • You have not had enough experience at making decisions
  • You are needy socially and you fear that a bad decision will reduce your acceptance by others

Buy more time. Let the others know that you are giving the matter serious attention. It’s reasonable to be torn on such issues; there’s nothing wrong with you.

Create a short cut on your desktop so with one click you can open your file and dump all your thoughts big and small in any order. Do this every time you get a new idea, a piece of an idea, or additional information. Add a list of things you need or that would be helpful for your decision and add the answers as you find them. Do this over and over until you are thinking clearly and have enough information to make a good decision.

Give this file a fun name, maybe a code word. I tried to use Idea Place but it sounded trite. I am open on the subject. Maybe Anything would work. I wonder if there’s an app for finding good names.

Having all your thoughts on the matter in one place eliminates the fear you will forget some key points. It frees up your mind to think about the subject, or eliminate pressures on other matters.

Your computer can help you to move your thoughts into the right order and show you where the gaps or weaknesses are. Then you gather the information you need to fill the gaps and you are ready to decide.

Have a neutral third party listen and comment on your reasoning before you render a decision. Present your ideas for consideration. Where possible, leave yourself a “back door” so you can adjust your thinking to the ideas of the others or gather more information.

It is not good for you or others to perceive you as indecisive. Failure to decide can have more harmful consequences than making poor decisions. Excessive analysis leads to paralysis.

Before you run off and try to make your own decisions, maybe you could help me with one of mine. Is this enough for a blog? Should I wait until I can write it better? Will people think less of me if it’s not fun or fully baked? Is it too long? Should I just pull the trigger and pray that the audience will like it. Is it okay to ask people to pray for stuff like this?

Keep life light!

Dave Dunn

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