The Way You Are

Your first job as your mentor is to discover your wonderfulness. You start by loving all aspects of yourself (including your missteps). You learn to love yourself “the way you are.” It doesn’t mean accepting everything about you, but you do know that:

  • Your capabilities will reveal themselves if you strive.
  • You will be able to make good decisions.
Learning Made Easier

Proper and stable emotions are more essential to success than our intelligence. Our desire, energy, drive, resilience, coping skills and social skills, along with our ability to stick to a plan, are better predictors of our potential than our intelligence. With the right motivation and common sense, we can develop or acquire almost any skill we lack.

Use All of Your Brain Power


You presume those who are progressing faster than you are more intelligent. People with no more intelligence than you can appear smarter if they have learned to use their intelligence better than you can.

Your classmates always seemed smarter than you because your birthday caused you to start every school year almost a year younger than the others.

Your gifts could be in subjects like art, trades, business, or sports, that aren’t taught at regular schools.

You haven’t worked with enough people to know how capable you are.

Use All of Your Creativity

Cleverness is applied creativity. It’s a state of mind that is active, playful and curious, and it’s always looking for a better way.

Emotions That Work

The first step in mastering your emotions is to become more aware of them and their effect on other people. Every emotion you use has a purpose and a consequence you are responsible for.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

The experiences of your life are passing in front of you as if on a conveyor belt. How you respond to each one will either increase or decrease your potential and affect the quality of things that show up on your conveyor belt in the future. When you know you can handle just about anything that comes down that conveyor, you have confidence.

Acting as If

The process of “acting as if” doesn’t create the capabilities you desire; it reveals the capabilities you already have.

The Power of Wanting

Your self-esteem takes a hit when you have to do something that doesn’t interest you. When you can lose yourself in a project, you become unaware of many things that normally bug you, and you are less likely to be distracted. When you love what you are doing, it ceases to be work; that is why it is often easier to go after big goals that you love rather than than small ones you don’t care about. Trying and failing is a better experience than not pursuing what you want.

Benefit from All Your Turning Points

A turning point is an event, idea, revelation, or realization—good or bad—which is so powerful that it causes you to change the way you proceed with your life.

Shedding Notions of Suicide

If there is a suicidal person near you, don’t be timid. Some of those contemplating suicide don’t leave notes, but most leave clues. The strongest warning signs are verbal. Take comments such as “I can’t go on,” “Nothing matters anymore” or even “I’m thinking of ending it all” seriously.

Fixing on the Fly

In life, as in golf, we don’t get to play any of our holes over again, but we can use the moment to improve our game. When the best golfers make bad shots, they “fix them on the fly.” You can, too.


People don’t root for the guy who is disappointed with himself. They root for the underdog who is genuine, reliable, caring and so focused on finding a way to win that he’s unaware of himself or his limitations. That’s because he is a winner.

Willpower Tools

With a sense of humor and an open mind, it takes a lot less willpower to change. Change is the process by which you find your power and your path to a more exciting future. That moves the task of changing from work to pleasure.

Longevity and Health

It’s important to “work out” your mind just as you would your body to keep it in top shape. Brains, like veins, become inflexible and lose their capabilities if they are not used vigorously.

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