It’s a joy, a rush, and it’s totally random. It’s called Place It Forward.

Leaving free download cards in public places is like throwing a bottle into the ocean with a book inside. Then letting fate decide who will get the message. When you see someone pick it up, it’s exciting to guess how it might change their life.

Any finder, with the link from the free download card you leave, can give a book to friends, loved ones and strangers. Everyone one of them can do the same.  The book has no ads, shoulds, or religion.  In short Topics, it gives the sweet spot of wisdom on most aspects of life.

Ideas for placement:

  • any kind of mass transit.
  • at the coffee counter for the person in line behind you.
  • a medical practice.
  • a hospital for waiting rooms, reading carts and Gift Shops.
  • physical therapist for people stuck in rehabilitation facilities.
  • military hospitals.
  • friends both old and new!



A few minutes into a book or download can change a life forever; especially for those who are not actively looking for help, but were surprised to find this card along their way.

It is highly regarded by people in all walks of life, because the ideas are like proverbs; the more you read them, the more you get out of them.


Service organizations can get book deals if they can show that those they help are likely to read and benefit from the books or are already demonstrating the will to improve their lives. Groups could include those who are confined, disadvantaged, dependent, suffering from PTSD, their families, etc. Tell us about your organization, and learn or share your thoughts on the most productive places to place books at


These books are ideal “thank yous'” for outstanding employees.


Order cards to give out by checking out our page:

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