Skillful Thoughts

Series A – Sharpen Your Thinking


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Underlined thoughts diminish you – Thoughts with dots empower you

A-1 Get the most out of your ability to think: 

I already have so many demands on my time I don’t really have time to learn about thinking and couldn’t concentrate if I tried.

  • Thinking saves time by reducing mistakes.
  • A little thinking can save a lot of work.
  • Becoming the best I can be requires my best thinking.
  • Becoming better at thinking starts with my decision to do so.



A-2 Making Better Explanations:

Making important decisions makes me anxious.

  • I will make better decisions if I think more about getting them right and less about what will happen if I don’t.
  • If I am still anxious after becoming adequately prepared I will exercise or get away from the subject for a while to shed my tension.
  • If I’m not recovering from bad decisions I’ve already made I will have more time to make good ones.
  • My life is worth the extra time it takes to make good decisions.
  • I will resist the pressure to make decisions before I have my thoughts right.
  • By think more before I react, I will say fewer things that don’t reflect my best thinking or that I can’t take back.
  • I will do more research before I choose what I will think or do.
  • Putting decisions off can make them harder to make in the future.


It is easier for me to just react to life than to analyze my thoughts moment by moment.

  • Life is a pinball matching until I take charge.
  • Long term thinking channels my efforts and consolidates my gains.
  • Until I give the direction of my life more thought it will be built on guessed and unexamined assumptions.
  • By knowing what I want for my life I can side-step more of the activities that produce no lasting benefits.
  • I will not allow my emotions be the boss of my thoughts.
  • I respect myself when I allow the time it takes to make good decisions.
  • Making better explanations is the only way to improve my life.




A-3 End the Pressure of Guesswork:

I hate looking things up.

  • Accurate information is only important for important things; how important is my life?
  • If my information isn’t accurate why would anyone be interested in what I have to say?
  • To progress beyond where I am I have to know more and it has to be right.




A-4 Explaining Our Future:

When people are watching me, especially those I don’t know, I can’t function.

  • If I have more patience with myself, others will seem to have more patience with me.
  • Exposure to more people would help. Where can I get a job dealing with the public?




A-5  Take Charge of Your Thought Habits:

That’s just the way I am.

  • I’ll try your idea, can you show me how.
  • Who would be the best teacher on that subject?
  • Being just the way I am hasn’t got me very far; I am ready for something more, where is the best place to start.

It will be too hard.

  • The benefits of succeeding at this will help me for the rest of my life.
  • If the goal is not hard it’s probably not very important.

I wish I could.

  • How can I make this happen?
  • Where can I go to see this being done?
  • What can I read or who can help me advance?



A-6 Choose Thoughts That Will Lead You:

Happiness for me is just reacting to life; not over-analyzing it.

  • Being spontaneous is what I’ll do for fun, but my long-term future is worthy of my very best effort and concentration.
  • My life has been on auto-pilot. Instead of just letting it happen, I am going to set high goals and make them happen.




A-7 Shed Anxiety and Boost Creativity in Your Fort:

I couldn’t get into the Fort thing; I’d feel odd in a place that was dark and silent.

  • Counting my blessings and allowing my brain to relax will help me think better, be more productive and feel better about my life even if I don’t get a single breakthrough idea.
  • One really good idea could be more valuable than all the physical work.
  • Becoming more creative will build my self-esteem.

I’ve never been a creative person!

  • Being a feeder fish requires no creativity; getting the most out of my life will.
  • I don’t know if I can be clever because I’ve never attempted to be clever.
  • Cleverness like muscles need to be used to grow
  • The sooner I act as if I am clever the sooner I’ll be clever
  • Once I’ve been clever for a while I’ll be able to rely on my creativity.
  • Ideas are free and I can have as many of them as I want.
  • Using my creativity in everything I do will lead me toward what I can do best.