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Topics for Finance


Living Rent Free

Home buying is the simplest way to save and accumulate wealth. There are risks in owning real estate, but the risks of not owning can be far greater for many people.


The Joy of Compounding

The difference between saving $2000 a year starting at age 20 versus age 50 is almost half a million dollars by the time you turn 70.  Learn how investing early can make you wealthy with little additional effort.


Wealth & Ownership

When your financial security is a priority to you, you make better decisions about how you will earn, learn, spend, take risks, and live. And as the assets you accumulate grow in value, they increase your security, options, and freedom. Learn the easiest and quickest ways to accumulate wealth.


Surfing for Dollars

There are forces that roll through the economy like waves. They have far more power to make you wealthy than you have yourself, if you can learn how to surf them.


Stocks & Bonds Basics

Spending money on today’s purchases will make you feel good at the moment, but if you invest those same dollars and let them compound, they could make you feel good for the rest of your life.

 Topics for Families


Broken Families

Before, during, or after a child has left home these thoughts and approaches may help you lessen tensions and improve your communications. They are no substitute for proper counseling.

Topics for Seniors


Minimize your concerns

Before our children were born we were planning how we could give our children the best life they could have. While they were growing up we did everything we could to help them succeed. As they became adults, then parents, life interfered with our plans. Our kids ended up having the same type of struggles we faced.

Life Expectancy Calculator


Do you know where your habits will get you? Both good and bad? 


       Life Expectancy Calculator
       by; Northwestern Mutual Life
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