Choosing and Using Goals

A small brain working on important things will accomplish more than a big brain working on things that aren’t.

When you write a plan, it becomes the framework for your life. When you haven’t written a plan for your future, you are probably using one of the most standard plans in life:  You do what seems to work until you feel pain; then you do something else.

Gain Motivation with Visualization

A Plan is like a diary in reverse. It sets out the entries you hope to be able to make during your life. You can have a better future than the one you are headed for, if you can visualize it. So what could be more fun than looking for the right ingredients?

Personal Goals

When you write your personal goals, you describe the type of person you want to be and how you want to live your life. These are more than New Year’s resolutions; they set out the qualities you want to have. They are your foundation and remain constant throughout your life.

Long-Term Goals

Long term thinking keeps you focused on adding to your reservoir of knowledge, experience and capabilities, and they secure your future and improve your options.

Intermediate Goals

Here are examples of One-Year Goals:

  • Make better explanations for what I see, experience and anticipate.
  • Find friends who are more stimulating.
  • Value myself more.
  • Make time to “smell the flowers.”
Bring on the Spice

The Plan you have (or don’t have) for your life is a forward-looking résumé of the life you are going to live. If you want anyone to look at the album of your life, make sure you have plenty of highlights. They are the good things, fun things and rewards that can refresh you. Being able to look forward to them can make the hard or boring parts of your life much easier.

The Engine of Your Future

In the tiny space between your history and your future is what you do next; that’s the only thing you control. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

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