A letter from Shelley to her Therapist

(Unedited, emphasis ours)

“I just wanted to share that I started reading that book…. Get Life Right…I really like it!!! I’ll return your copy and get one of my own so I can write in it.

How ironic that it talks about self-talk, how we look at and our potential…at a time when I’m willing to listen and take it to heart. It’s really encouraging and gives me hope.”

I WANT TO BE MORE EMOTIONALLY STABLE, I want to “deal” with things and not let circumstances throw me. I want to have a PLAN! This book talks about changing and having direction in your life.  ‘Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”

AND IT HAS TO DO WITH HOW WE SEE THINGS….HOW DO I SEE THINGS!???…He talks about how it “causes” your reality and how you think and how you process and how much your self-talk has power over you…and how to take charge of your thought habits.

Now, I wouldn’t have picked up a book like this to read.  In fact, I kind of stay away from books like this, and if I would have seen it after you class, I would have not liked thinking about stuff like this.  I would have avoided it because it means I have to really think about it and accept it and work on it!

THE BOOK SAYS WE ARE THE BOSS OF OUR THOUGHTS. It is my choice how I think. If I don’t take charge of it then dependencies, anxieties, and habits take over…I lose control and the cycle of hurting myself continues and many times I do things on a whim and don’t care about tomorrow.  If I really thought about things, I would make better choices!

I HAVE NEVER HAD A PLAN FOR MY LIFE… Not really because I didn’t expect to live another week. I don’t like to “bank” on anything.



When asked for permission to post her letter, Shelley wrote: (Unedited, emphasis ours)


Thanks for copying me on your flyer. I do hope people get this into their hands and hearts! I am doing great by the way.  I have task lists and even write my ideas in a Fort folder on my computer. Some things that come to me are awesome and will take a Plan to accomplish… I WRITE THEM DOWN AND DO IT! 

Learning to let go of worry is going well.

I SPEND A LOT MORE TIME (PURPOSELY) WITH MY DAUGHTER instead of going to “our comfortable corners” at night. I engage her and we now go on hikes together and play a lot more. She is loving it.   And I’VE LOST 20 POUNDS just having fun and being more PROACTIVE WITH MY CHOICES. 

I really liked the Life Expectancy formula on page 104.  I plan to live to my eighties instead of figuring I’d never make it to 50. This means I have a lot to do and make plans for! And that is fun!

I just got back from playing Bingo at the library (that is just one of the things this little town offers…) My library card had expired in Oct.  IT HAD BEEN SO LONG since I would go out and just do stuff besides work that even my library card expired (I didn’t know that was even possible).  NOW I LOOK FOR THINGS TO DO AND PEOPLE TO MEET AND IT IS A BLAST (Plus I won a Starbuck’s Tumbler!)

I do better when I continue to read positive things like “Get Life Right,” especially when I feel myself start to worry and feel depressed…. To keep life good in my mind is starting to become a daily reality….and THIS IS SO AMAZING! 







“A simple thought like treating my time and thoughts as precious started me learning more and making better choices.  Get Life Right has me headed toward a future I know will be radically different than the one I was headed for.”

– Seth Greenberg


Get Life Right gave me a lot of things to think about and strategies for making some goals and priorities for myself.

Who knows, when I read this book in a few months, I will be picking out a completely different set of statements!

If you are looking to make some changes in your life, or know someone who is, I recommend Get Life Right. It’s a quick read with lots of deep ideas and actual strategies for making manageable changes in your life.”   (See this review in its entirety at https://valleyfamilyfun.ca/get-life-right )

– Laura Churchhill Duke



“During the time I was mountain biking with Dave, his book was in its early stages. He gave me just three of the 10-minute reads. Within 2 years, they continue to give me direction and peace of mind. The ideas in it apply to everyone at all times of their life.”

– Bryan Justice


Get Life Right is like a reference book.  It’s the next best thing to having a loving parent who is easy to talk to.   It has answers that work and reassure our family that we are on the right track.”
– Sylvia Long