Batting Cages

Getting Into The right Batting Cage

Batting Cages Batting Cages

In a batting cage you are expected to swing at every ball that comes at you. If you one came every day you’d miss it for sure because you wouldn’t be paying attention.

If you got one every three hours you might do better. Until you are getting one every 30 seconds it’s not going to have that much impact on your game. But if you can get 5 a minute and the speed of the ball is set on high, you can develop a good eye and swing. Actually, it’s the only way you will ever see your full potential.

Every thought and interaction we have is like one of those balls coming at us. How many times do we get to swing at a ball in a day, and how many of them are capable of making a difference in our life.

Those who make it big have found ways to swing at the ball more often and with more to gain.  If you don’t get enough chances to make important decisions you are living below your capacity

If you are unfulfilled, step into a batting cage that will challenge you and start swinging. You will be amazed how quickly you can up you game. Once you’ve gotten proficient; putting in time and getting nothing for it will make you crazy.

Head to where; hitting the ball out of the park will mean the most to you.  

Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn