It’s a random act of kindness that can

change every life it touches!

Give these cards to friends and leave them in public places.


It’s like putting books in bottles, throwing them into the ocean
….hoping that fate gets them to the right people.

It’s this link that counts:
The gift-cards are reminders.



ideas for placing cards:

  •  on the counter where you wait to order coffee – any kind of mass transit – waiting rooms of all kinds everywhere – reading carts and lending libraries – military bases – checking out at your grocery store – all out-going mail – yes with paying bills too.


for getting cards:

  • choose your style, then download and cut.
  • order tablet-packs. 4 packs of 100 cards total, mailed to you for free – Order here



for books in print:

  • Print Books are available at our cost at Amazon – about $8.00 + shipping & handling
  • Buying Books in quantity about $3.50 – For charities or employers for rewards or perks
  • For giving free books in quantities through individuals and service organizations or Dave at (714)684-8610

For your family or company newsletter or mailing list, let us send you four tablets of cards; 100 total, free.

Invitation size cards – download and cut; remember scissors?

The card-size sheet is for those who can’t wait for the tablets.

A gift for you too! Click the button above to get a free download of Get Life Right in eBook format.

Order any gift cards from us, for free, by filling out your information below. You will receive your cards in the mail! Or download the above images to print out on your own!