Skillful Thoughts

Series D – Finance the Life You Want


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Underlined thoughts diminish you – Thoughts with dots empower you

D-1 Choosing a Career Path:

I don’t know where to start.

  • At the best magazine source I will pull out the three magazines that interest me most.
  • A business related to a field in one of them is where I would probably be the happiest.
  • I will start preparing myself for work in the field I like best or that will be the easiest to get started in.
  • While there I will learn what I can tol prepare me to the work I would like to do next.



D-2 Finding the Most Satisfying Work:

I’ll take any kind of work I can get.

  • That approach will get me the lowest paying job in the company. It puts my application on the heap with all the others who don’t know what they want.
  • I’m going after the best job I can get.
  • I’ll talk to some employees, customers and competitors to see how this industry is organized, where this business fits into it, and how they do business.
  • What I really hope is to be able to help your company do _________ and do it as quick as possible.
  • Ask “What kind of classes can I take to get more proficient in the work I will be doing or would like to do for your company eventually?
  • Can I find part time work or give my time to your company while I prepare for the type of work I want best.
  • What is the best sequence of jobs I can have to get into the company or industry I want most.
  • As early as possible figure out how high I’d have move up in this company to be able to live like I want to live.



D-3 Marketing Yourself:

I have no way to make myself look different that all the other applicants.

  • The most persuasive argument for choosing me is my knowledge of the company and how my skills can benefit them.
  • A sales job on straight commission is better than no job, and for the right companies sales jobs can earn you a lot more than salaried employees.



D-4 Applying for Work:

When I fail to get a job or a call back it’s hard for me to spring back.

I will:

  1. treat each application or interview as a rehearsal for the one the follows.
  2. prepare well for the next interview by learning more about the company’s needs, their position in the market and the job I am applying for.
  3. keep developing skills while I am job shopping.
  4. intern (work free) while I am l am looking so I am always learning and appear to be employed.



D-5 Positioning Yourself in the World:

I have no way of knowing how to get into the job, company or industry I want.

My best thinking at the moment is:

  • focus being at the right place at the right time or having someone in the company I want, keep an eye out for jobs that may come available.
  • try to get the job where I can learn the most important information for the job that will follow it.
  • seek growth companies in growth industries or startups.
  • seek smaller companies with upside potential.
  • work cheaper and or longer to get the experience you need.

I can’t distinguish my application from the rest; there are always so many.

  • If they believe that the work they would have you do is vitally interesting to you and your career objectives; your enthusiasm could move you ahead of a more qualified candidate that lacked your communication skills.
  • Since I am young learning is more important to me than earning.
  • I will try to work in the department of a company where the most growth is taking place.
  • I will try to work with the people who are the closest to producing the growth.
  • I will work with smaller companies where the jobs are not already defined.
  • I will try to work where I can see who the leading companies are in the industry so I can move to the one with the greatest potential.



D-6 Crafting Abundance:

I have to be able to pay my bills before I can think abundance.

  • I can always be accumulating abundance in knowledge, experience, personality, empathy, effort, energy, imagination etc.
  • By planning for it now I will accumulate more and deploy it better to produce more security and opportunities in the future.



D-7 Risk & Persistence:

Taking risks in investments or changing jobs is too scary for me.

  • My risks will go down as my knowledge of the subject and the work required goes up.

Being cautious is so tedious I can’t bring myself to do much of it.

  • The risks for taking significant chances are usually understated and the rewards exaggerated. If I don’t check them out thoroughly they will have high risks and smaller rewards.
  • Recovering from failures is always more tedious than doing your homework would have been.