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Use Your Dragons – The Tasks That Will Benefit You Most

Person - Walking in Dragons Mouth Use Your Dragons

The twelve minutes it takes to make and down a cup of coffee in the morning while listening to the news is so sweet because during that time I know that I am doing the next most important thing.

In the moments that follow I am already getting apprehensive about the drudgery of sameness. It comes from the fear that the most I am likely to accomplish today will be ordinary and I will make very little progress toward my potential.

Even if we love doing what we do, anything we have to do a lot of will tend to impede our overall advancement. The tasks from all aspects of our life fill the conveyor belt that passes through our awareness and sets the pace of how we live. Working feverishly on the items in front of us holds our attention, clogs our creativity and set our agenda. There is no time left to analyze where we are going or choose where we’d rather go.

To make the most of our turn at bat we need to look up from our conveyors and schedule dragons. Dragons are actions that make our lives more fulfilling or less stressful. The right one for today could be a meeting, thought, observation, lesson, creation, diversion, making the right social connection, fixing a running toilet or finding a reliable babysitter or tutor for one of your kids. The right long range dragon could be making a big purchase or sale, registering for class, opening up an investment account or finding a flex-time job with promise in a field you really like.

To use your dragons:

Do as much as you can on the task that will benefit you most then fit everything else into the time that remains

Our days can be more productive when the dragons we go after have been selected in advance and we’ve done our homework and gathered all the items needed to accomplish them. 

Make your dragons a good fit for your age and situation. Sleigh your dragons in the right sequence. Choose the ones that will make goods stepping stone for further advancement. Always ask “Am I at the right conveyor belt?” A change of jobs or locations could put you at a brand new conveyor where all the ingredients are more valuable than the ones in front of you today.

Big dragons need to be broken into pieces. A college degree gets slain one class at a time. Distant goals that are compelling enough can feed us the self-satisfaction we need to soldier on for as long as it takes.

Dragons are not just about making money; they are about being creative about what goes on your to-do list. They could be anything such as planning a good family vacation, a second honeymoon, being at your daughter’s dance or soccer practice, being fit, being a couple or helping a friend or stranger. When we approach our chores as dragons we do so with a lighter heart and a more positive attitude.

This Post was my first dragon since before thanksgiving. It had been lurking near my computer all that time so it wasn’t that hard to sleigh. Since I’m already tired of turkey I was lucky to get it.  

Dave Dunn

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