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Huge Goals Made Easy

Goals that are worthy of all you’ve got produce the most motivation.

This process will make them easier to achieve:

Stage –Accumulate as much knowledge, tools, and experience as possible before you start or attempt each step.

Start – Begin with the step that best prepares you for the one that follows or that is the least intimidating.

Steps – Make them bite size and concentrate on the one before you.

Concentrate – Make everything that you think, do, or try contributes in some way toward moving you toward your goal.

Sequence – Rough out a sequence of steps to your ultimate goal in writing and keep it nearby, refer to it often and upgrade it often.

Patience – Expect pauses and, rather than soldiering on, use the time to reorganize and refresh.

Pause – Appreciate your efforts and celebrate your progress when you complete each step.

Rebalance –Be careful not to deprive yourself or your family of you. Make time to appreciate them, yourself, and your life. 

Goals are for direction. Huge goals are hollow if you brake, have nobody to celebrate with, or have lost your ability to play along the way.

Dave Dunn

Get Life Right: Lots of ideas to help you live a comfortable, fulfilling life by David Dunn