Skillful Thoughts


Self-Talk with Positive Thought


Cant to CanWisdom is your ability to imagine alternatives and judge their likely outcomes.  Just choose to be wise and you’ll make better decisions; keep at it and you become wise.

Whether your thoughts are right or wrong, helpful or hurtful, they become your reality.  Your explanations lead you toward the outcomes you put into them. In the links below you will find downloadable Skillful Thoughts. The thoughts that are underlined tell you that you can’t. The same thoughts (with the dots) tell you that you CAN, empower you, keep your life on course and LEAD you toward better outcomes.

Better thoughts come from trying to:

  • use accurate facts and the proper emotions for each thought.
  • consider carefully the interest and feelings of all others involved.
  • consider the likely consequences of each alternative.
  • include the absolute truth about your motivation and capabilities.
  • note your responsibility, if any, for creating the existing conditions.
  • note the direction you want this matter to have on your life.


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